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Why SEO Matters?

Online is the first place potential guests turn when booking a vacation rental.

On top of that 64% of all traffic to websites comes directly from Google, Bing, and other major search engines. If your site is performing worse on search engines than your competitors, you are losing revenue and future guests. Check out our reviews below to see how we helped BRIC vacation rentals, Cabo Rentals, and Island House Vacation Rentals increase their online revenue and bookings through SEO optimization.

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Marcus Roehmer

We have seen website traffic gains in excess of 40% over the past year and that has translated into over 25% gain in revenue. It is a pleasure to deal with “Professionals” who treat your business as if it were their own. We are extremely grateful for all of the team’s personal attention and efforts!

Marcus Roehmer - Owner, BRIC Vacation Rentals

Here's Just A Few SEO Benefits

More Direct Bookings

Other forms of advertising are temporary. If you stop paying for those services you stop getting bookings. SEO is an investment that will pay dividends long after a campaign ends.

OTAs & Listing Site Independence

Investing in a strategic search engine optimization plan can net your business traffic and bookings for years to come.

Save Money

Increased organic visibility can reduce the amount of paid advertising needed. Over time, a small reduction in advertising spend can save management companies a great deal of money.

Understand Travelers

Insights discovered during the development of an SEO strategy helps property managers understand the audience already searching for vacation properties and tailor your message to them.

Build Trust

Customers deem organic search results more trustworthy than paid ads.

Better Conversion Rates

SEO is an inbound strategy that targets customers that are already searching for your properties. This means that this traffic tends to convert a higher rate than paid advertising.

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