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How Magnetic Strategy Scaled
Savvy VRM’s Growth To Increase Direct Bookings

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Industry: Vacation Rental Manager
Client Location: National
Booking System: OwnerRez
Properties Managed: 35

Services Provided

Custom Website Design

OwnerRez API Integration

Content Creation


About Savvy VRM

Savvy Vacation Rental Management (Savvy VRM) is a boutique vacation home rental agency known for its professional property management services. They offer short-term rental properties in seven locations in the US.



Vacation Rental Manager Seeking Rapid Growth Limited by Website

Savvy VRM, a dynamic Vacation Rental Manager, found themselves at a crossroads. Their ambitious growth plans were stifled by the limitations of their existing online presence. Split across two domains, their vacation properties and homeowner educational content were struggling to generate traffic and leads.

The first hurdle was the split domain strategy – one for vacation properties and another for homeowner education. Operating on different platforms, both sites faced unique constraints. 

Savvy VRM realized the need for a unified solution that not only appealed to potential guests for direct bookings but also provided a scalable platform for expanding property management services nationwide.



Multi-Location Direct Booking Website with Property Management Landing Pages

To address Savvy VRM’s challenges, the team at Magnetic Strategy leveraged our expertise to craft a modern, direct booking website. Utilizing the robust OwnerRez API, we seamlessly integrated dynamic property updates and pricing directly into a user-friendly WordPress platform.

Before our engagement, Savvy VRM faced challenges in organic traffic and keyword rankings. To rectify this, our team implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy. We crafted traveler-focused blog content to attract guests and property management-focused content to engage potential homeowners.

The collaboration between Savvy VRM and Magnetic Strategy resulted in a transformative solution that not only addressed immediate challenges but positioned Savvy VRM for sustained growth. 

The implementation of a multi-location direct booking website, coupled with strategic SEO and content initiatives, created a digital ecosystem that resonated with both guests and property owners.

Before-and-After Views of
Savvy VRM Website

Before redesign After redesign

Gallery of Some Key Pages


Highlights of the Website Redesign for Savvy VRM


Increase in organic search traffic


Property management leads since launch


Increase in top 10 keyword rankings

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Additional Details

Highlight: Property Management Market Landing Pages

Savvy VRM recognized the importance of a tailored approach to attract homeowners.

The Property Management Market Landing Pages, such as the one in Kingston, serve as dedicated squeeze pages, distinct from the main navigation and highlight unique service areas.

To enhance user engagement, Savvy VRM incorporated a Vintory chat widget for real-time communication. Additionally, a homeowner quiz is implemented to provide valuable insights and initiate meaningful interactions with potential property owners seeking property management services.

Dedicated Property Management Blog Caters to the Homeowner

In addition to the guest-focused blog, Savvy VRM has dedicated a blog specifically aimed at property management education.

This strategic move not only serves as a valuable resource for homeowners but also acts as a lead generation tool, positioning Savvy VRM as an authority in the property management space.

Dedicated Rental Pages for Each Market with Properties

In order to further enhance local SEO and generate more visibility, Magnetic Strategy also created dedicated rental market pages for each location where they host properties.

These pages provide in-depth information about the location, showcasing available properties and capturing the essence of the local charm.

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