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Vacation Rental Content Marketing Services

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While the adage “content is king” has, today, become somewhat passe, what is certainly still 100% true is that the key to sustained organic search marketing success is your site’s ability to provide the best answers to key guest questions.

Our content development services work hand in hand with our vacation rental SEO services, enabling us to provide your website with the kind of content that draws visitors, piques their interest, answers their questions, and ultimately, gets them to book with you.

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Unlocking Success

Common Content Development
Challenges for Vacation Rental Companies

Any of these sound familiar?…


Your Website Has Low Organic Traffic and Bookings

Insufficient organic traffic to your vacation rental website results in fewer bookings and revenue.

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You Need A Comprehensive Content Strategy

Our comprehensive content strategies have successfully driven organic traffic and increased bookings for vacation rental companies by developing content for all levels of your marketing funnel to increase organic users and drive revenue.


Your Site Lacks Targeted Content

The absence of content tailored to the specific needs and interests of your target audience (ie your guests) can impact engagement and conversions.

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You Need Custom Content Development

At Magnetic Strategy, we understand every market is different. We optimize existing content to ensure you are connecting with highly searched topics and research the best possible terms specific to your local area to increase your user engagement.


Have Limited Online Visibility?

Vacation rental businesses can struggle to be seen in search engine results, hindering the ability to attract potential guests.

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You Need Top-notch Content Optimization

We elevate your online presence, ensuring your property is prominently featured in search results by ensuring your website pages have meta information that is properly tuned to target high-value keywords to increase your rankings and click-through rate.


Lack of Time and SEO Expertise

Busy business owners often lack the time or SEO expertise to develop the most effective content strategy for their business.

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Utilize High-quality Copywriting & Content Marketing

Our team of skilled copywriters and content strategists takes the burden off your shoulders so you do what you do best. We create SEO-friendly, engaging content and handle all aspects of publishing and distribution.


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Our Vacation Rental Content Development Process

In other words, how we’ll get you more direct bookings through engaging content…

Discovery & Goal Setting

Here we seek to understand your business, your products, your general business goals, and goals you’d like content to accomplish, while working together to develop a set of relevant terms for which you’d like to be found, as well as a set of achievable success metrics we’ll use to measure and define success.

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Content Gap Analysis

The Gap Analysis assesses how much traffic your site is missing out on by not providing the content that addresses the needs of your guests, helping you identify areas of your site (those that exist now and those that should exist) that are ripe with opportunity.

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Content Audit

The Content Audit is an inventory and scoring of the content you already have, assessing whether it’s working or not, opportunities for improvement, whether it’s relevant, up-to-date, or useful, and provides recommendations on quick wins that can improve the findability, readability, usability, and shareability of your existing content.

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Content Optimization

Using the information and insights gleaned from Discovery, Gap Analysis, and the Content Audit, we develop a plan for moving through your site, page by page, updating and dialing the content and site’s technical specifications to improve its visibility to search engines, growing traffic for the pages on your site which already exist.

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Content Development

Once all your existing content is achieving its full potential, we really put the Gap Analysis to work, developing a plan to, over a period of months, create new content and site pages which will “fill the gaps” in your content, growing your search footprint while extending the number of pages you have for topics you know potential customers are already looking for.

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Review and Reporting

Periodically (usually monthly) thereafter, we’ll run a report on the site pages we optimized and those we created, reviewing them along with the key performance metrics we decided upon during discovery, and analyzing the results for successes that can be replicated and opportunities where adjustments can be made to further improve your site’s content.

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Featured Case Study

Over $3 million in direct bookings revenue…

Stay With Style Scottsdale

Stay With Style Scottsdale, a luxury vacation rental company, faced low traffic and visibility on their website. Seeking more direct bookings, they approached Magnetic Strategy for a comprehensive solution. 

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What Our Clients Are Saying

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Still Have Questions?

What is content development and why is it important?

Content development involves creating and optimizing written, visual, or interactive material for websites to engage audiences, and improve search engine visibility through SEO.

Well-crafted content establishes authority, educates the audience, and contributes to lead generation, fostering customer loyalty and retention. Its adaptability across different channels further maximizes its impact, making content development a fundamental strategy for online success.

At Magnetic Strategy, we tailor our content development to your specific market. Our team optimizes existing content, ensuring alignment with highly searched topics and using localized terms to enhance user engagement.

We go beyond generic approaches, crafting customized strategies that resonate with your audience and contribute to your vacation rental business’s success.

We utilize AI for analytical insights but not in our copywriting. We feel that destination content needs to have a key component to it: human experience. Something all AI lacks. That’s why we utilize human travel copywriters that have years of experience in the vacation rental industry.

Yes, our content writing services include crafting compelling property descriptions tailored to highlight the unique features and attractions of your vacation rental properties. We specialize in creating enticing descriptions that capture the essence of each property, helping to attract potential guests and increase bookings.

Certainly! Our blogging service enlists our team of experienced writers who specialize in creating engaging blog content to highlight local attractions, provide travel tips, or share guest experiences. This high quality blog content expands your visibility across Google searches and draws users to your property pages.

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