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The Only Integrated WordPress Booking Engine You’ll Need to Book More Guests

Magnetic Strategy’s Flux Booking Engine effortlessly connects your property management system (PMS) and WordPress website ensuring a powerful and dynamic booking experience.

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About Flux

Flux is an integrated booking engine that seamlessly bridges your property management software (PMS) and your own website empowering you to effortlessly publish new properties, synchronize data across multiple channels in real time, and offer an unparalleled booking experience to your guests that will increase revenue.

Our integration software acts as the conduit that connects, streamlines, and elevates – ensuring your properties shine with captivating photos, accurate pricing, and compelling descriptions. Say goodbye to booking stress, and hello to a commission-free, fully customizable, and seamlessly integrated booking engine that propels your vacation rental business to new heights.

Why "Flux"?

Inspired by the concept of magnetic flux, where energy passes through objects, Flux passes data from your PMS to WordPress website automatically. This allows your property information to synchronize between multiple platforms, accept direct bookings, and easily manage your vacation rental properties.

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General Benefits

Why Vacation Rental Managers Need a Booking Engine

By linking your WordPress website to your Property Management System (PMS) a booking engine facilitates direct online bookings for your site. 

Positioned as the “middleware” between the PMS (handling back-office functions) and the website (managing front-office operations), it enables guests to explore properties and make reservations in real time.

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This setup offers an ideal combination, allowing you to achieve your desired website design while benefiting from advanced SEO functionality to elevate your site’s search result rankings.

Key Benefits of Flux

Some of the benefits you can expect with Flux include:

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Effortless Property Management

Automate the publication of new properties directly from your Property Management System (PMS) to your website. Gain the flexibility to filter and control which properties are published and when.

Real-time Synchronization
Enjoy a live 2-way connection that ensures seamless synchronization between your website and PMS. This includes up-to-date information on photos, pricing, descriptions, and reviews, providing guests with accurate and reliable details.
Enhanced User Experience

Offer guests the convenience of a live property availability search, allowing them to explore options that match their preferences. This real-time feature contributes to a positive and efficient booking experience.

Instant Booking Capability

Eliminate the stress of double bookings with instant booking capability. The booking engine ensures that reservations are processed immediately, minimizing the risk of overlapping bookings and enhancing customer satisfaction.

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Decrease OTA Reliance

Flux booking engine facilitates direct bookings, reducing reliance on Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and saving on associated fees.

Streamlined Checkout

Provide a streamlined checkout experience for your guests. The booking engine optimizes the reservation process, making it quick, efficient, and user-friendly.

Seamless Mobile Experience

Cater to the growing mobile audience with a booking engine that ensures a seamless mobile checkout experience. Mobile users can effortlessly navigate and complete bookings on their devices, enhancing accessibility and user satisfaction.

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What's Special About Flux?

With many other booking engine solutions that use percentage-based booking fees and additional charges for hosting more properties, Flux eliminates this financial burden, offering clear and predictable pricing. Flux also prioritizes customization, providing solutions that align precisely with users’ unique needs. This approach alleviates the frustration of one-size-fits-all solutions that may not cater to specific requirements.

Additionally, many integrated booking engines rely on proprietary web builders, introducing complexity and limiting flexibility. Flux’s integration with WordPress ensures a straightforward and familiar environment for users and ease of use for website managers.

When opting for Flux, you're choosing a booking engine that sets itself apart with clear advantages:

What Our Users Say About Flux

Key Features of Flux

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Sorting Flexibility and Customization

Flux offers multiple sorting options for property listings, allowing you to organize and show listings based on your preferred criteria.

Coupon Functionality

Utilize coupon functionality, where supported by PMS, to implement promotional campaigns and attract bookings with discounts.

Availability Calendar

Display an availability calendar with dynamic nightly rates, ensuring accurate and up-to-date pricing information for potential guests.

Transparent Pricing

Instead of showing the average or starting at price as a default, this feature shows the true price after guests enter their dates, enhancing transparency and helping users make informed booking decisions.

Add Inquiry-Only Booking

Effortlessly switch properties between inquiry-only and instant booking modes, providing flexibility in managing reservation preferences for properties currently under construction or with reduced availability.

Favorite Properties

Allows guests to mark and save their favorite properties, enhancing user engagement by increasing their visibility.

Map View Options

Change the map view or hide it entirely for property listings, offering a customizable experience.

Customizable Email Notifications

Customize email notifications to your preferences, delivering personalized and relevant information to both guests and property managers.

Ribbons and Flags

Enhance property listing cards with ribbons and flags, providing visual cues and additional information to capture guests’ attention.

Configurable Search Functionality

Enhance user experience with configurable search functionality, allowing users to apply checkboxes, filters, and other criteria to refine their property search.

Display/Hide Promo Banner

Optimize marketing efforts and gain a competitive advantage by displaying or hiding promo banners based on your marketing strategy and promotional calendar.

Customizable Cancellation Policies

Tailor cancellation policies on a per-property basis, providing flexibility and accommodating various property-specific requirements.

Integrated Ecommerce Tracking

This allows property managers to gain insights into user behavior, track booking patterns, and optimize the overall ecommerce experience by integrating with Google Analytics.

PRO Feature: Reviews Add-on

Elevate your property profiles with a reviews add-on, allowing guests to share their experiences and build trust with potential visitors.


PRO Feature - Live OTA Pricing

Display live OTA pricing directly on the property page, showcasing the direct booking price as the best rate, giving guests real-time information for more informed booking decisions.


PRO Feature - Shopping Cart Abandonment

Implement a shopping cart abandonment feature to recover potential bookings by engaging with users who left the reservation process unfinished.


PRO Feature - Travel Insurance Integration

Integrate with travel insurance providers offering guests the option to secure their travel plans with added peace of mind.



Flux Plays Well With These Popular Property Management Systems

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FAQs About Booking Engines

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Still Have Questions?

What is a booking engine?

A booking engine is a software component that connects a website to a Property Management System (PMS), enabling businesses to accept direct bookings online. Vacation rental businesses often use OTA’s like VRBO or Airbnb as well as their own website to list vacation rentals. A vacation rental software solution like a booking engine serves as a live connection to avoid double bookings and provide synchronized offerings, features, and information.

Yes, very similar concept. A hotel website will commonly use Property Management Systems (PMS) and booking engines for reservations. These systems handle various day-to-day operations and tasks, including booking, check-ins, check-outs, and overall management. They can also serve as a revenue management system that tracks room availability, payment processing, and provides an enhanced guest experience with automated emails.

Yes, WordPress can integrate with booking systems through plugins or APIs, allowing businesses to implement a booking engine on their WordPress websites. However, few are as closely integrated as Flux.

Integration involves using plugins or APIs to connect a booking system with WordPress. Plugins like Flux Booking Engine offer seamless integration, enhancing the website’s functionality.

PMS stands for Property Management System in software. It’s a comprehensive solution used by businesses, especially in the hospitality industry, to manage various aspects like reservations, guest information, and overall property operations.

A PMS interface refers to the connection point between a Property Management System (PMS) and other systems, such as booking engines or third-party platforms. It facilitates the exchange of data, ensuring seamless communication and integration between different software components.

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