Magnetic Strategy Announces Strategic Partnership with OwnerRez


OwnerRez Partnership

Magnetic Strategy is thrilled to announce our exciting new partnership with OwnerRez, a leading Property Management System (PMS) provider for short-term rentals. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in empowering property owners and managers to maximize direct bookings and elevate their revenue streams.

At Magnetic Strategy, our mission is clear: to simplify direct bookings and equip hosts with the tools they need to thrive in the competitive vacation rental market. Partnering with OwnerRez allows us to integrate our expertise in elegant direct booking websites and OwnerRez’s robust systems for managing availability, rates, payments, and booking lifecycles.

The result? A seamless direct booking experience that drives more bookings directly to hosts.

What does this mean for you? It means access to a streamlined process for building stunning direct booking sites that convert. Moreover, your direct booking site will automatically sync with your OwnerRez listings, ensuring that any changes made in OwnerRez reflect across all OTAs and your direct booking site effortlessly. Managing your listings has never been simpler.

Magnetic Strategy’s Integration Options for OwnerRez

We provide two options for integrating with WordPress to ensure that your website stays current with real-time updates on availability, pricing, and property information directly from OwnerRez.

  1. Integration via the OwnerRez WordPress plugin
  2. A complete integration via the OwnerRez API

The integration via the OwnerRez WordPress plugin offers a straightforward and simplified method to connect your WordPress website with OwnerRez. This plugin typically provides predefined features and functionalities specifically designed for WordPress users, making the integration process more user-friendly and accessible for those familiar with the WordPress platform.

On the other hand, a complete integration via the OwnerRez API using our Flux Booking Engine involves a more customizable and advanced approach. It allows developers to create custom integrations tailored to specific needs and requirements beyond the standard features provided by the WordPress plugin.

This method offers greater flexibility and control over the integration process, making it suitable for users who require extensive customization or have unique business needs that cannot be met by the plugin alone.

Discover how SavvyVRM grew their vacation rental business with the OwnerRez API integration in our case study.

About OwnerRez 

Experience the difference of Elite. OwnerRez is internationally recognized as a leader in the vacation rental industry for channel management, CRM, PM, accounting, messaging, and websites. Integrate with all major vacation rental channels to seamlessly sync availability, rates, rules, and listing content. Get your own modern fast website, process payments directly, manage inquiries, communication, and guest checkout with e-sign renter agreements.

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