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Vacation Rental SEO Services

SEO Services for Property Managers

It’s time to take charge of your vacation rental’s future—and we can help.

We offer expert, reliable vacation rental SEO services to decrease your dependence on advertisers, paid listing sites, and online travel agencies by increasing your website’s visibility, traffic, and bookings.

Here are some of the services we provide:


Benefits of Our SEO Services

  • Make More Money —You’ll spend less on advertising to keep more cash in your pocket.

  • Boost Your Occupancy —You can increase your occupancy rate by at least 22%.

  • Grow Brand Trust —You’ll appear trustworthy to customers by providing free, helpful content.

  • Understand Your Audience —You’ll gain insight into the people searching for your properties.
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Unlocking Success

Vacation Rental Property Managers Face Many SEO Problems

Some don’t even know they have problems…


Like most VRMs, you lack the ability to generate sustainable direct bookings

Relying on word-of-mouth for bookings or referrals from friends and family, is not a sustainable model for direct bookings.

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You need an impactful SEO campaign that can drive traffic and guests to your website

Utilizing an effective SEO strategy for vacation rental managers can drive traffic and direct bookings to your website, generating revenue for your business for years.


Most parts of SEO can be very confusing and challenging for property managers

Search engine optimization can be a very confusing marketing channel but it is well worth the effort.

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With an effective SEO partner, you won’t need to learn or manage SEO by yourself

Collaborative efforts from Magnetic Strategy’s SEO team will help simplify the concepts and ensure you always understand what what’s working to drive more revenue to your rental business.


Property managers, like yourself, don’t have time to learn the nuances of SEO, let alone manage it

SEO is an ongoing marketing tactic that can take a lot of time to master. Also, search engines tend to make several changes to their algoritms.

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Regain your valuable time with our “done-for-you” vacation rental SEO services.

Spend more time working ON your business, and less time working IN your business. Let us deal with the intricacies of the day to day SEO and you can focus on property management.

Learn everything you need to know about SEO in our helpful, informative Vacation Rental SEO guide.


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Our Vacation Rental SEO Process

In other words, how we’ll get you more direct bookings…
SEO Audit

We identify issues that prevent your website from being technically sound, intuitively organized, and user-friendly—and fix them.

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Travel Keyword Research

We discover the keywords and phrases travelers use to find you or your destination online so you can utilize them to attract high-quality traffic that converts.

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SEO Competitor Analysis
We help you identify and leverage the SEO strategies your online competition uses to succeed so you can implement them and gain a competitive advantage.
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On-Page Optimization
We implement changes to your title tags, meta descriptions, headings, images, and content to make your current content SEO-friendly.
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Local SEO Optimization
We help you claim your Google My Business page, capture local citations to increase your business’ visibility in local searches, and submit your website to authoritative local website directories.
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Strategic Plan Creation
After we’ve completed research and audits, we devise a custom plan just for you. That plan will be our roadmap during our SEO engagement.
Travel Content Creation
We write original, high-quality content that attracts readers and makes sales to improve your overall search visibility.
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Authority Building

We develop your website’s authority by researching link opportunities and attracting links to your website from other reputable sources.

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SEO Reporting & Analytics
We create custom SEO reports that outline the progress we’ve made and explain what we’ve learned, so you can make decisions to help your vacation rental business to succeed.

How To Get Started

In a 30 minute call we’ll use your own data to:
  • Show you how your SEO efforts are working – for FREE
  • Identify the 20% of SEO activities that will drive the biggest business result
  • Definitively state if we can make a significant impact in your SEO performance

If your website is doing better than our baseline, we’ll simply congratulate you. If it doesn’t, we’ll discuss what step 2 should look like.

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Featured Case Study

Over $3 million in direct bookings revenue…

Stay With Style Scottsdale

Stay With Style Scottsdale, a luxury vacation rental company, faced low traffic and visibility on their website. Seeking more direct bookings, they approached Magnetic Strategy for a comprehensive solution.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

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Still Have Questions?

What is vacation rental SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a marketing discipline that maximizes your website’s effectiveness. It improves your website’s placement on search engines to improve the quality and quantity of traffic via organic search results.

Other forms of web traffic, like social media and paid ads, can be expensive with short-lived results. SEO is a long-term investment that will benefit your business for years—you’ll save money, become independent, build your brand, and gain online credibility.

The cost of SEO can vary depending on your budget and the SEO services your business needs. We have plans for all business sizes. Don’t be fooled by the firms that offer very inexpensive SEO services. They may be taking shortcuts or not giving your property management business the attention it deserves.

Yes. Technical SEO, Local SEO, On-Page SEO, and Off-Site SEO are a few of the SEO sub-services we offer. There are also different forms of SEO like eCommerce SEO, Platform-specific SEO (think VRBO, AirBNB), or Niche or Industry-focused SEO like vacation rental SEO.

This depends on a lot of factors. How old is your site? Is it a brand new site without any established authority or is it a 10 year old website? How many pages are on your site? These are just some of the factors that affect results but many of our clients see results in a couple months.

Yes, we include copywriting services with all of our SEO engagements.

Blogs are not required but they certainly help when trying to capture more visibility and traffic. If you don’t have a blog, we can create static pages about your destination to attract more guests.

Yes! Each SEO engagement includes a monthly check-in with your SEO Strategist to discuss the recent results of the campaign. You will always know what we’re working on and what kind of return you’re getting from SEO. Unlike other companies, we won’t just email you a report or video and not answer any questions. We take the time to learn your business and offer strategic suggestions.

Yes, but we call it a statement of work intended to clarify our responsibilities. We invest considerable effort in preparing you for success, including thorough research on your brand, destination and competitors. Despite handling the workload, we view it as a partnership and are genuinely invested in the success of your business.

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Next steps

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We’ll ask key questions

We want to know what issues your business is facing.

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We’ll Create A Strategy

We’ll create a strategy tailored to your business and craft a proposal to fix those problems.

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We’ll present the plan

We’ll share your tailor made solution and share next steps to getting started.

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