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Vacation Rental Marketing Services

We help vacation rental property management companies expand their reach by diversifying their digital marketing strategy. From targeted, technical SEO projects to fully-integrated digital marketing campaigns, if it can help your business thrive online, you’ll find help for it with Magnetic Strategy.

Built on decades of digital marketing and SEO expertise, Magnetic Strategy offers actionable, easily quantifiable
web-based marketing solutions for Vacation Rental Owners & Managers.

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Vacation Rental SEO

SEO helps qualified renters find the most relevant vacation rental properties. Organic search, or SEO (Search Engine Optimization), can dramatically increase your vacation rental website’s exposure, and more importantly, direct bookings.

Designed to help put your rental on the first page of Google, our approach is carefully designed to include:

It takes a lot of effort in today’s market to increase organic visibility in search engines, but the goal remains the same — helping prospective guests find your properties quickly and easily.

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Travel Industry Content Strategy

Effective content strategy starts with a comprehensive understanding of the needs, preferences, and problems of your audience. That’s why we do the homework to understand not just the data but the people and motivations behind that data.

We evaluate website traffic and trends to determine the areas of your website that need the most support to address guest traffic behavior and opportunities. From there, we create a measurable, actionable plan to either create or revise the content on your site (and third-party listing sites, as applicable) to help it provide the most value for guests — and the most ROI for you.

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Travel Content Development Services

Content development and content strategy are two sides of the same coin — so only once your existing content is achieving its full potential will we look to add new content to the mix. When we do, it’s thoughtful, data-driven, and conversion-optimized. Our Content Gap Analysis and Content Audit work to inform content planning and development to create new content and site pages which will “fill the gaps” in your content that present the most opportunities for increased visibility.

Some of the travel content we create:

Over a period of months, this approach increases your search footprint and overall bookings while expanding the number of pages you have available for topics you know potential guests and property managers are already looking for.

Fresh content not only ensures that guests can find the most recent information about a property, it can also do the heavy lifting when it comes to keeping your vacation rental business relevant for search engines as well. The most successful vacation rental owners know how important fresh content can be for their online visibility.

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Travel Content Marketing & Promotion

Your content is only as good as the promotion behind it. As they say, even the most eye-catching billboard in the world won’t do anyone any good if it’s in the desert.

Our job is to help make sure your content, and by extension, your entire content marketing strategy, doesn’t land in the proverbial desert. Let us help your content work harder by getting it seen in places where well-qualified vacation rental guests are already spending time online.

This involves thorough research of your specific property and business needs, as well as a comprehensive evaluation of your traffic and your target audience’s digital behavior. From there it’s on to careful planning, measuring, and benchmarking to evaluate campaign performance in order to eliminate low-performing initiatives and build on success.

It’s imperative that a VRM put the same amount of effort (maybe even more) into the promotion of their content as they do the creation of their content.

That includes promotion via:
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Booking & Conversion Rate Optimization

We help turn browsing website visitors into new bookings. From acquisition funnel analysis, to landing page optimization, and through a series of select test sessions, we bring a data-backed, strategic approach to CRO. This ensures the maximum number of potential clients who do visit your website book their next trip to your vacation rentals.

We begin by learning exactly what your business needs are and how your services, vacation rentals, and conversion points need to be defined. Once we understand the landscape as a whole, we evaluate the data and all traffic sources for conversion potential.

This then informs how we test:

All of which helps every page on your site, and all your promotional activities, work cohesively toward guest conversion.

WordPress Web Design & Development

Our approach to web design is informed by extensive experience in designing and developing websites for vacation rental professionals and a deep and attentive understanding of SEO. Our team takes the time to fully understand your market and goals before creating each website, and our capabilities include years of studying and working with a variety of vacation rental companies around the world.

That includes promotion via:
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Google Analytics Installation

Reliable visibility into how your website is performing is crucial to your marketing strategy and vacation rental business. With proper Google Analytics installation, you’ll have the data you need to be able to measure and improve website performance.

We can configure reporting dashboards to display relevant KPIs and metrics in easy-to-understand formats. Our adaptive performance reporting and tracking can also be conducted on your schedule, whether that’s monthly, quarterly, yearly, every 6 months — whenever you need reliable site data, let us configure your Google Analytics to help you get there.

Analytics can answer the following questions:

Social Media Marketing for Property Managers

The right social media presence can increase your website visibility and provide unique opportunities for you to engage with your most-valued guests. At Magnetic Strategy, we’ll help you determine the right platforms — and the right content — to help you get the most out of your social media marketing efforts.

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Our social programs are always carefully researched and created in lock-step with content strategy and greater marketing initiatives to ensure consistent messaging and reputation management. With the right data-driven plan and a thoughtful, targeted approach, social media can be a powerful lead-generating tool for you and your properties.

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Email Marketing Services

From specific, targeted, time-bound campaigns to on-going email marketing, Magnetic Strategy leverages the power of email to feature the best of your properties and business for a specific audience.

We’ll work with you to create the perfect templates with the right copy for the best results, as well as the most efficient methods to integrate email into your existing marketing and content programming.

Then we'll target, test, and repeat what works so you get full-service email marketing that grows with you and your business:

Our proven digital marketing system has helped property management companies all over the country create a marketing plan that gets results.  From increasing exposure online to increased bookings to improving your website’s experience, if you’re ready to find out how we can help build your vacation rental business.


Featured Case Study

Over $3 million in direct bookings revenue…

Stay With Style Scottsdale

Stay With Style Scottsdale, a luxury vacation rental company, faced low traffic and visibility on their website. Seeking more direct bookings, they approached Magnetic Strategy for a comprehensive solution. 

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What is vacation rental marketing?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a marketing discipline that maximizes your website’s effectiveness. It improves your website’s placement on search engines to improve the quality and quantity of traffic via organic search results.

Other forms of web traffic, like social media and paid ads, can be expensive with short-lived results. SEO is a long-term investment that will benefit your business for years—you’ll save money, become independent, build your brand, and gain online credibility.

The cost of SEO can vary depending on your budget and the SEO services your business needs. We have plans for all business sizes. Don’t be fooled by the firms that offer very inexpensive SEO services. They may be taking shortcuts or not giving your property management business the attention it deserves.

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