About Magnetic Strategy

Our Approach

Magnetic Strategy is an agile, responsive, results-driven team of highly experienced digital marketers, programmers, and designers.


Our dynamic, customer-centric approach begins with deep dive research focused on understanding key drivers of the client’s business.


From there, we focus on achieving incremental wins, testing key metrics, making adjustments, and then re-testing until the customized plan we develop for each client is performing well, achieving goals, breaking previous records and setting new ones.


With a dutiful eye on continuous improvement and ongoing optimization, we’re able to develop business-winning strategies for clients in any number of verticals.


The underlying goal is to develop long-term relationships with our clients in the interest of being seen as an external arm of internal marketing and dev teams by displaying an ongoing commitment to delivery, responsiveness, and stellar performance reports.

When our clients succeed, we succeed.

The Founders

Founders Mike Archer and Randy Bonds bring a wealth of knowledge and an excess of 25 years of experience, combined, in the digital marketing field.


With prior experience both agency-side and in-house, they recently joined forces to offer clients their unique approach to digital client services. Both have been entrenched in the online sector for over 10 years, having serviced countless industry verticals in that time.


At Magnetic Strategy, our philosophy is centered on the belief that success can be achieved through educated decisions, honesty, and strategic insights.

Management Team

Mike Archer


Mike has over 13 years of experience in the digital marketing field, beginning his career in-house at one of the nation’s top sporting goods manufacturers, followed by successful tenures at two of the West Coast’s fastest-growing digital marketing agencies.


With extensive experience managing multi-million dollar organic search campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands, Archer leverages valuable client-side insight to create a strategic advantage for Magnetic Strategy clients.


Archer has an extensive skill set and knowledge of a variety of digital marketing strategies and tactics, including content management systems, project management skills, the development of online marketing, and data-driven SEO programs.


In addition to servicing some of the hospitality industry’s biggest brands, including Vail Resorts, Delaware North Corp (DNC), Aqua Hotels, and KSL Resorts, he’s also managed campaigns for premier national brands as varied as US Bank, Waste Management, United Rentals, PetSmart, Culligan, AAA, and many more.

Randy Bonds


Over the last 20 years, Randy has been responsible for breathing life into seven startups, growing wildly successful businesses in the travel, hospitality, and real estate verticals to the point of acquisition more times than most.


In that time, his experience brought him great knowledge and understanding of websites, specifically how to grow them online.  


Having owned a number of businesses within the tourism and hospitality sector, his understanding of business processes for vacation rentals, hotels, and tour companies has been years in the making.


Randy has also developed, consulted, and managed a number of digital marketing services for law firms, financial institutions, local service providers, and local fundraisers.