Learn how our search engine optimization (SEO) strategies tailored for vacation rental management companies can increase your online bookings

Vacation Rental SEO

Benefits of SEO for Vacation Rentals

An effective organic search strategy can:

Grow Brand Trust

Customers deem organic search results more trustworthy than paid ads.

Help Property Management Companies Understand What Travelers Want

Insights discovered during the development of an SEO strategy helps vacation rental property managers understand the audience already searching for their vacation properties and tailor your message to them.

Reduce Reliance on Traditional & Digital Paid Advertising

Increased organic visibility in the search engines can reduce the amount of paid advertising needed. Over time, a small reduction in advertising spend can save management companies a great deal of money.

Reduce Dependence on OTAs and Paid Listing Sites

Investing in a strategic search engine optimization plan can net your business traffic and bookings for years to come.

Secure Your Business' Future

Other forms of advertising are temporary. If you stop paying for those services you stop getting bookings. SEO is an investment that will pay dividends long after a campaign ends.

Why should vacation rental companies diversify their marketing?

When it comes to marketing, putting all your eggs in a single basket is a recipe for disaster. But you don’t have to take our word for it.


A Vacation Rental Marketing Blog survey found:

Fifty-one percent of vacation rental owners use listing sites as their sole form of marketing.


Unsurprisingly, this group also has the lowest average annual occupancy rate of just 54%.


Conversely, VR owners who use a diverse mix of booking acquisition channels, including listing sites, social media, and a mix of SEO and marketing their own website have the highest average annual occupancy rate of 76%.


Ninety-four percent of property managers think they could be doing more to market their properties.

Percentage of Vacation Rental Owners who only use listing sites:

Vacation Rental Owners Marketing Mix






Percentage of Owners Who Think They Could Be Doing More:


It's time you start doing more...

Why should vacation rental companies invest in SEO?

Investing in vacation rental SEO means taking command of the way you increase potential guests and bring in bookings.


With other forms of advertising, the return on your investment depends entirely upon the advertiser’s ability to get your property in front of people looking to travel.


However, if that advertiser’s business model changes, or their costs increase, or they simply up and vanish, guess who’s on the hook for the associated costs?


When you invest in search engine optimization, you’re not just investing in your website. You’re taking charge of one of your primary acquisition channels. The money you invest goes right back in your pocket with every trip booked through your site.


As bookings through this channel that you own grow, your dependence on advertisers, paid listing sites, and OTAs withers away, leaving you a rock-solid foundation upon which your business can grow for years to come.

SEO Advice Vacation Rental Property Managers Can Count On

The Magnetic Strategy SEO process is a proven set of steps that we’ve used to significantly grow bookings for countless premiere travel and hospitality clients.


Our detailed plan focuses on balancing the needs of your potential guests with the goals for your business. This equips your property management website with a holistic, comprehensive, and most importantly, results-driven strategy designed to grow the number of visitors to your property's website and grow the number of those visitors who book a stay with you.


In the process of building out your vacation rental SEO strategy, we also provide you with an education on the basics of SEO, equipping you with the tools you need to make your own decisions about the direction of your website once our time working together ends.


In an industry where it’s often difficult to tell who you can trust, we pride ourselves on not only creating results for our clients, but also on setting them up for success today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

A Magnetic Strategy SEO Engagement:

What to Expect

Discovery & Keyword Research Phase

This is one of the most important parts of our process. Here we get to know you and your vacation rental business. We also get to know your customers and the keywords they use to search for your properties. Understanding the needs of your customers is critical to ensuring we’re targeting the right types of people with your on-page content.

Researching the appropriate keywords also limits the amount of low-quality traffic that comes to your site. Focusing only on increasing visibility in Google search and traffic to your site will fail to improve your average occupancy rate or grow your business’ revenue because it does nothing to improve how often your site closes the sale.

Research and Discovery
Business Discovery & Keyword Research
Vacation Rental SEO Audit

SEO Audit

Next we do a full evaluation of your website to discover opportunities to improve your Google search visibility. We use several tools to perform a full SEO audit of your website focusing on user experience, technical SEO best practices, and conversion-specific areas of improvement.

The main goal is to remove any technical issues that would limit your website’s ability to rank for your core keywords and to reach its full organic ranking potential.

SEO Competitor Analysis

We assess your Google search competitors’ websites to find out what tactics they are using to rank higher, what keywords have the highest rankings, what links they're getting and from where, and what type of content is successful for them.

Once we have that information, we create an itemized plan based on what we've learned from your competitors to improve your site rankings in the same ways.

Some of those strategic SEO efforts could be:

  • Targeting a specific set of travelers with content marketing
  • Finding keywords your competitors don't rank for
  • Creating more thorough, better-researched content
  • Creating a local link building campaign
  • Identifying link gaps between competitors
  • Identifying underperforming keyword rankings and improving those ranks
  • ...and many more
Vacation Rental SEO Competitor Analysis
SEO Competitor Analysis
Google My Business & Local SEO
Google My Business

Local SEO Optimization

Being found in localized search results is critical to being a competitive vacation rental business today.

Improving your local listings in Google search is one of the ways to beat listing sites. Most of them don't have a physical address in or near your location so they can't have a Google My Business listing.

We help you claim your Google My Business page and capture local citations to help your business show up for local searches.

We also submit your business information and website to several of the most authoritative local website directories to improve your local visibility.

Strategic Plan Creation

After we’ve gathered all of the information from the research and audit phases, we will formulate, and present to you, a strategic plan of attack. We’ll also explain the plan in detail, answering whatever questions you may have (while anticipating those you might not think of) so you know exactly what we’ll accomplish during the engagement so your business sees results.

We will also work closely with your web developers (if necessary) to execute our recommendations,  or work with you directly to make the changes to your website. Sometimes that requires us to contact your vacation rental software account team to get complicated changes made, which we’ve done for other clients and are perfectly comfortable and capable of doing.

Strategic SEO Plan Creation
Strategic Plan Creation
On-Page Optimization & Screaming Frog SEO Tool
On-Page Optimization & Screaming Frog SEO Tool

On-Page Optimization

If it’s determined during the audit that there’s a large number of pages on your site that lack basic SEO elements, we’ll be sure to implement changes that adhere to best practices recommended by the top search engines.


We use SEO tools like the Screaming Frog SEO Crawler, that simulate how search engines crawl your site and then we use that information to inform our recommendations.

We'll guide you through this process but some of the elements we fix are:

  • Title tags (ensure they have the right keywords and length)
  • Meta descriptions (ensure they're enticing and to the point)
  • Headings (relevant keywords included and correctly structured)
  • Image alt tags
  • Content (ensuring content includes your target keywords)
  • ...and more

Content Creation

Part of your strategy may include the creation of targeted, high-quality content that resonates with your audience. Lucky for you we’re very good at this and we have a lot of experience creating content for our clients that manage vacation rentals, hotels, travel or hospitality websites.

Most property manager websites don't contain the right amount of content on their site. Many times they only have a few blog posts or a local area guide with a few paragraphs of content.


Having highly relevant content is key to improving your vacation rental SEO.

Some of the types of content we’ve developed are travel guides, local area reference guides, and carefully curated directories of “things to do” near your vacation rental properties.

Our expert copywriters will create new copy for your property pages that capture your visitor’s attention and invoke an emotional connection with your location and property, spurring interest and bookings.

Vacation Rental SEO Content Creation
Strategic Content Creation
Vacation Rental SEO Reporting
SEO Performance Reporting

SEO Reporting & Analytics

Each month we’ll create a custom report that clearly outlines the progress of your SEO engagement.

These reports are generated by tapping into Google Analytics (or other analytics platforms) and utilizing Google Data Studio to visualize the data. We can also help you install Google Analytics if you don't have it installed on your website.

We also clearly explain what it is we’ve learned and what you need to know from the data we’ve analyzed each month so you can be empowered to make decisions that will affect the health and vitality of your business.

The SEO reports also include a list of what’s been completed each month, what we’re working on next month, and if we need, any requests for information or direction from you,  It’s very important our clients understand the progress we’ve made and what impact these changes are having on your bottom line.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

Here’s a few things we consider when scoping a project:


  1. How many properties you manage
  2. The type of strategy you need (audits, content, link building, all of the above)
  3. The current status of your property management website
  4. The quantity and type of content creation needed


Fortunately, consultations are always free. Contact us today and learn how together, we can grow your bookings, reduce your dependence on paid ads, and ultimately ensure the health of your business for years to come.

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