For nearly a decade, Cabo Rentals By Jane has been bringing vacationers easy access to luxury vacation properties that allow them to immerse themselves in local culture while living “the good life".



When the team behind Cabo Rentals By Jane came to us for assistance, there were multiple problems that needed to be addressed with their existing website.


First and foremost, they were limited by the options available from their current property management platform. Cabo Rentals By Jane was also dealing with outdated web design that didn’t fit the brand’s “modern luxury” aesthetic and missed opportunities for organic optimization.

  • Eye-catching, responsive, user-friendly web design
  • Flexible functionality and growth-adaptive CMS
  • Optimized, built-in SEO elements and effective web content
  • A fresh overall look that would draw-in vacationers and help them understand why they should choose Cabo Rentals By Jane
Jane Roesch

Love everything they did with my new website. Magnetic Strategy created a modern design for my site, made it more SEO friendly, and their platform allowed me to have a scalable website poised for growth. Something I've been wanting for a while but wasn't able to do with my old website builder.


Owner, Cabo Rentals by Jane


Cabo Rentals By Jane needed a website makeover from a design standpoint, but also required some backend work on our part.

The original site offered lackluster content that didn’t help potential clients understand what differentiates Cabo Rentals By Jane from the company’s competitors. This presented two problems:

  • Visitors struggled to find information they needed to make a booking decision.
  • Jane’s website wasn’t ranking well for common search terms within search engines, ultimately causing her and her team to lose out on organic traffic that could have led to bookings.

After consulting with Jane and her team, we focused on these areas:

  • Engineering a mobile- and SEO -friendly website update that seamlessly combined modern design and a new platform (WordPress vs. their old website builder)
  • Adding new functionality that allowed Jane to add “Travel Guard” information. This feature helps visitors feel at ease when booking with Cabo Rentals By Jane.
  • Creating unique and effective content that would appeal to Jane’s demographic
  • Sync all properties from Direct onto the new website for easy booking

The Cabo Rentals By Jane project took 4-5 months to complete.

Now, when guests visit the newly redesigned website, they are met with an intuitive experience that prompts them to book a vacation property right away.

Here are the major improvements our team made to the overall UI on Jane’s website:

  • Custom web design with modern flair
  • Custom property filter with map integration, allowing visitors to choose exactly where they want to stay
  • Booking functionality that is simple to navigate
  • Custom confirmation pages after booking rental property; this added personalization is appealing to guests and encourages them to return in the future.
  • Custom review system

Some highlights of the Cabo Rentals By Jane website project are:



In Ranking Keywords



In Direct Bookings



In Organic Search Traffic