71% Increase in Organic Traffic To Website During Peak Season


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Client description

Alta Chalets manages several ski chalets, condos and vacation rental homes near the beautiful Alta Ski Area & Snowbird Resort in Alta, Utah. These ski resorts attract skiers from around the world and offer one of the best ski experiences in the US. 

Services Implemented

  • Traffic Loss Analysis
  • SEO Audit
  • Redirects
  • On-Page Optimization Updates
  • Local Guide Creation
  • Content Optimization

Customer Goals

  • Increase Organic Traffic to Website
  • Increase Direct Bookings
  • Improve Rankings on Search Engines

In our industry, having a strong digital presence is essential to the health of our business. I learned the hard way that it doesn’t take much to lose years of traction – in our case 4 months. Those 4 months happened during our busy season and COVID. I placed a lot of trust that Magnetic Strategy could bring us back – I would have to say that your team has succeeded in spades and have exceeded our expectations, putting us in a better position than we were prior to our “demise”.

Adrienne Ruderman

Owner, Alta Chalets

The Problem

Loss of Organic Traffic from Redesign

Alta Chalets had a thriving online business for many years until they fell victim to a series of poorly executed website redesigns that destroyed their SEO rankings.

They needed a trusted SEO service provider that could diagnose their traffic loss and create a strategy to restore their rankings before their upcoming ski season.

The Solution

Competitor Analysis and Content Optimization

The Magnetic Strategy team got to work researching the historical site changes as well as the competition in the area.

We developed an SEO strategy that included fixing redirects, optimizing their site content, and creating two large local area guides about the nearby ski resorts to consolidate content.


301 Redirects

Reviewed Google Analytics and Google Search Console data to determine which historical pages were getting the most organic traffic.

From there, we set up 301 redirects to map these pages to their new site counterparts to ensure website authority was transferred to their new pages.

Alta Chalets Redirect Mapping
Alta Chalets Optimization


Website Redesign Clean Up

Since they experienced two website redesigns in the course of a year, their content was a mess and their SEO optimization was extremely lacking.

We mapped out all of their existing high-value pages, performed in-depth keyword research to find profitable keywords, and optimized each page on the site with new SEO optimization.


Content Creation

As a result of the detailed keyword research performed, we identified two major areas of opportunity for the client. Many of their existing pages weren’t detailed enough or weren’t themed properly to each resort.

As a result, we created two large, detailed travel guides for Alta Ski Area and Snowbird Resort in order to increase traffic, strengthen search rankings, and encourage new bookings.

Resort Travel Guides
Alta Chalets Keyword Rankings


160% increase in number of Top 3 rankings

Since we reestablished their website authority and re-aligned their content, the improvement in keyword rankings has been steady and impressive.


Some highlights of the Alta Chalets SEO campaign are:



in organic search traffic during peak season (YoY)



in organic bookings revenue during peak season (YoY)



in top 10 keyword rankings

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